How to Join


  1. The entry point for all practitioners is to join as an Associate member, for which there is a quick and straightforward application process.
  2. Associate members may then, if they wish, apply for Accreditation leading to Full membership, or Affiliate membership.  The requirement that practitioners first become Associate members enables UKAHPP to provide in-depth support and advice, including mentoring if requested, to those who go on to apply for accreditation leading to Full membership, or Affiliate membership.
  3. Full membership involves accreditation in one or more accreditation categories (Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Therapist, Supervisor, various form of Group practitioner, Researcher, Educator, Organisational Development Consultant).  There are accreditation criteria for each of these accreditation categories, and several different routes to accreditation (training, experience, and streamlined routes for those already accredited by some other organisations).

For all forms of UKAHPP membership

To be granted UKAHPP membership:

  • applicants agree to adhere to the UKAHPP ethical codes and procedures
  • professional liability insurance must be held and members must be in clinical supervision, unless, as may be the case with Associate members in training, a member has no current client caseload. For supervision, see below.
  • UKAHPP may contact applicants’ training and previous accrediting organisations, and reserves the right to refuse membership and/or accreditation.
  • There is an additional, general requirement applicable to all applications in any class or category of membership, that in the judgment of the Membership and Accreditation Committee there is a good fit between the applicant (as evidenced from the application material, including case study and interview) and the humanistic ethos of UKAHPP, such that UKAHPP is agreed by the Membership and Accreditation Committee to be an appropriate  membership organisation, or professional “home”, for the applicant.

Applying for Associate or Affiliate Membership

Associate membership is a non-accredited form of membership:

  • for humanistic practitioners in fields such as medicine, education, management, social work, as well as in therapeutic practice, who do not require UKAHPP accreditation, and
  • for trainees or practitioners who wish to work towards Full membership and accreditation as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor etc.

Associate membership is not limited to any maximum period of time. If your application is accepted after 1 August, half the annual fee is payable for that year. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis. The UKAHPP membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

It is a requirement that potential applicants for Full membership/accreditation first become Associate members-working-towards-accreditation, so that advice and support can be provided.

To start this process please contact the Administrator or download the UKAHPP Associate Application Form.

Affiliate membership is for practitioners who are already fully accredited members of other humanistic accrediting organisations (which belong to the UKCP in the case of psychotherapists), provided that this accreditation is reviewed periodically, and who meet other criteria.

Applying for Full Membership

Before applying for Full membership / accreditation, you must first become an Associate member-working-towards-accreditation. Full membership requires UKAHPP accreditation in one or more membership category. If you want to be a Full member you need to decide which category you want to apply for (e.g. psychotherapist, counsellor etc) and whether you meet the criteria for that category – this can be decided in discussion with UKAHPP Admin/Membership Services.

Full membership/ accreditation in the categories of Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor leads to inclusion in the national register of the UK Council for Psychotherapy for which UKCP charges a separate registration fee.

UKAHPP accreditation lasts for 5 years, after which it must be renewed by a brief application process.  Full/ accredited members must maintain continuous UKAHPP membership by payment of the annual fees in order to be registered with UKCP through this Association.

It is a requirement that potential applicants for Full membership first become Associate members working towards accreditation, so that procedural advice is provided, and additional support can be made available if desired by the applicant.

If your application is accepted after 1 August, half the annual fee is payable for that year. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis. The UKAHPP membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

UKCP, ECP:- Applicants who are already registered with the UKCP or who hold the European Certificate of Psychotherapy should contact the administrator for details of the streamlined application routes.

Child Psychotherapy

UKAHPP does not offer accreditation as Child Psychotherapist, and all caseloads noted in the accreditation criteria refer to adult caseloads, with the following exception. Where an applicant has a mixed child/adult caseload, only the adult caseload may be used as a basis for an application for UKAHPP accreditation.

Counselling Young People

UKAHPP offers accreditation as a psychotherapeutic counsellor where the applicant’s caseload is of young people seen in an institutional setting such as a school and specific conditions are met.


UKAHPP defines supervision as a regular, ongoing and formal arrangement between a practitioner (supervisee) and a more experienced practitioner (supervisor) enabling reflection on the supervisee’s work with clients and how his/her own process impacts on the client work.  Requirements: UKAHPP requires members in practice to be in some form of ongoing supervision. For at least five years after completion of training, supervision should be with a more experienced practitioner on an individual or group basis; later, supervision may take the form of a peer-group without a more experienced practitioner as supervisor.

Annual Membership Fees

A full list of current annual membership fees for all classes of membership can be found on the webpage “Membership Fees“.

The UKAHPP membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. If your application is accepted after 1 August, half the annual fee is payable for that year. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

Application Deadlines

  • Associate applications may be received at any time.
  • Full membership/ accreditation applications are dealt with in stages – the timing of which is given in the application forms.  The initial stages of application for psychotherapist accreditation are assessed by teleconference in order to avoid delay.
  • Full membership/ accreditation applications and Affiliate applications must be received at least 3 weeks before a Membership and Accreditation Committee meeting, except for the initial stages of psychotherapist applications. The application procedures for Full membership/ accreditation are under review.

The UKAHPP Membership and Accreditation Committee meets approximately every 4 months.