UKAHPP Register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and Psychotherapists

The UKAHPP holds a voluntary register of counsellors and psychotherapists who meet the requirements for fitness to practice described in our Codes of Conduct.

In choosing to be a Registrant each member agrees to the following:

  1. to abide by the UKAHPP Code of Ethical Principles and Code of Practice which are published on the UKAHPP website
  2. to be held accountable for their professional conduct through the UKAHPP Complaints Procedure which is published on the UKAHPP website
  3. to have their name included on the public UKAHPP Register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  4. to demonstrate that they have achieved a level of training in humanistic psychotherapeutic counselling or psychotherapy which is appropriate for registration

Note that some members choose to be registered through other associations such as the BACP, UKCP or others – see the Professional Standards Authority for a list of registering bodies.

The following members are on the UKAHPP Register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and Psychotherapists:

Alan JonesRegistered
Alun ReynoldsRegistered
Andy RushtonRegistered
Angie ShiressRegistered
Ann BoydRegistered
Ben McKieRegistered
Cathie O'BrienRegistered
Christabel ButlerRegistered
Deirdre HaslamRegistered
Dilys StinsonRegistered
Elizabeth ColwellRegistered
Elizabeth ShelleyRegistered
Emma FlowerRegistered
Evleen MannRegistered
Gillian ChumbleyRegistered
Gina WilsonRegistered
Guy GladstoneRegistered
Helen PayneRegistered
Jackie StewartRegistered
Jane BarclayRegistered
Jane FiorRegistered
Jane SlaterRegistered
Jeanette PreverRegistered
Jenny WoolliscroftRegistered
Jessica WoolliscroftRegistered
Judy HarrisonRegistered
Julia RobinsonRegistered
Leah OfferRegistered
Lia BrownRegistered
Lucy LoweRegistered
Maggie LomaxRegistered
Matthew BowesRegistered
Michael WilsonRegistered
Mike BerryRegistered
Neil KeenanRegistered
Pam MizonRegistered
Paul GlynnRegistered
Seamus NashRegistered
Simon ClarkeRegistered
Steve BurchellRegistered
Vicky AbramRegistered
Wendy McLaughlinRegistered
William StanleyRegistered