Membership Benefits

Formed in 1980, this Association is the professional ‘home’ for humanistic practitioners in counselling, therapy and related fields.  UKAHPP is truly a humanistic association – it is run by and for its members, and provides ethical codes which all members subscribe to.  We much prefer people to come to the Association because they judge it to be the right professional home for them as practitioners, rather than simply as a route to accreditation or external recognition, important as these reasons may be in some cases.

Membership provides these benefits:

  • ethical guidelines rooted in humanistic principles to support your practice
  • professional support and advice
  • a supported route to accreditation and registration
  • a route to UKCP membership and registration
  • your own web page to advertise your services to the public
  • advertising for workshops, courses or other events you offer, and any books or publications, free of charge
  • the opportunity to network, advertise and share information with other members

Accreditation provides the additional benefit of national recognition.