Membership Fees

The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. A 50% reduction applies to applications received after August 1st. Membership fees include publication of practice details on the UKAHPP searchable website, and free advertising of members’ workshops, courses, publications etc on the website (except for Associate trainees not in practice as stated below).

  • Associate – trainee not in practice £60
  • Associate – in practice but not working towards accreditation £80
  • Associate working towards Accreditation £105 (Note that anyone wishing to apply later for Full membership / accreditation must first become an Associate working towards accreditation for at least 3 months prior to submitting an accreditation application, and remain so during assessment)
  • Full Member £200 (Note that before applying for Full membership / accreditation, you must first become an Associate working towards accreditation. There are initial application fees for Full membership / accreditation)
  • Full Member Emeritus £100 (for Full members over 60 years and meeting other conditions)
  • Full Member Dormant £60 (for Full members temporarily not in practice)
  • Full Member Retired £15
  • Affiliate Member £89 (for members accredited elsewhere)

There is an addition £15 membership fee for accredited Members opting to register with UKCP. Note this does not cover your UKCP membership fee – an additional registration fee is charged by UKCP – it just covers the administration of your UKCP membership.