Accreditation – Introduction

Accreditation is a widely recognised way of demonstrating your competence and ethical practice as a counsellor, psychotherapist or other psychology practitioner.

Accreditation by UKAHPP provides independent verification that you provide a high standard of ethical and humanistic practice. This enables potential clients to make informed choices, and provides professional recognition of what you have achieved as a practitioner.

UKAHPP accredited members work with adults only – members wishing to work with children must also join a UKCP/College for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (CCAP) organisation for accreditation onto the Psychotherapy with Children and Young People Register. For more information please contact UKCP regarding the “Working with Children Marker”.

Equally applicants must demonstrate their understanding of safeguarding awareness and good practice for working with vulnerable adults and young people as required by law.

Psychotherapy applicants must provide evidence that their level of research literacy is in keeping with learning outcomes of HIPC and PCIPC SETs.

UKAHPP accreditation is provided by fellow professionals, and the application process is conducted on a humanistic and consultative basis (as opposed to an impersonal ‘pass or fail’ system). UKAHPP accreditation reflects your experience and personal qualities, as well as formal training. We place emphasis on the creative use of knowledge gained in both training and practice, and qualities of creativity, openness, warmth and maturity.

If you become accredited by UKAHPP as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor or Psychotherapist, this qualifies you to register with the UK Council for Psychotherapy vit the Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Inter-subjective Psychotherapy Colleger or the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College respectively.

Please note that once registered as a member of UKCP you will be subject to the UKCP Central Complaints Policy and Procedure and not eligible for the UKAHPP’s Complaints Procedure.

Currently accreditation is provided for the membership classes Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor.

Note that before applying for accreditation/Full membership you should first join as an Associate or apply for Ordinary Registered Membership.