Befriend Your Body

Published on 19/01/2017 by

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I’m Mari Winkelman and I offer therapeutic counselling, integrative body and movement therapy and embodied movement groups.

I support people suffering with physical, emotional and psychological pain, stuckness and loss of vitality.

We live in and through our bodies – it’s a dynamic relationship with our senses, our environment, our inner balance and our actions, which happens either consciously or unconsciously. I believe that befriending our bodies – getting to know them – is essential to our health, wellbeing and positive living. But we are not always friendly towards ourselves, at times we reject ourselves and our bodies. Perhaps we even feel fearful or threatened, due to life experiences, and this has huge impacts on our mental, emotional and physical health.

I believe that our bodies express how we are, moment to moment and have experienced for myself and many others that when we can feel supported to recognise and understand what is happening in our bodies, we can make more sense of why we feel how we do, and we return to a sense of home and acceptance of ourselves just as we are. The benefits of my integrative approaches are that you will be supported to contact more of your inner and outer resources for life, release emotional and physical pain, find your truth and strength and connect to your creativity again.

On my website you will find details of the kinds of issues I can support you with and my therapeutic practices which aim to support, guide and encourage you to connect more fully to yourself. I am professionally trained and work as an Integrative Body and Movement Therapist, a Psychosynthesis Counsellor and a facilitator of a variety of workshops which focus on embodiment and movement for wellbeing.

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