Great Opportunity to Learn About & Experience Pesso Boyden Therapy (‘PBSP’)

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Access: Everyone

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Date(s) - Saturday, June 4, 2016
All Day


2016 dates: May 7 (Madrid) and June 4 (London)

‘Humanity is responsible for the meaning that surrounds us. The task for each person is to create a meaningful life and then live it with existential courage and passion.’ (Albert Pesso)

Pesso Boyden Therapy is an interactive process that creates new body-based memories to heal emotional deficits of the past. A respectful and exceptionally powerful personal development tool, it uses feedback, systematic procedures, objects and role players, in a unique manner, to repair the traumas, wounds and losses that strongly influence our brain’s map of the world.

In shifting our perspective, the way is opened to greater pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness, and an enhanced freedom to effect the changes we long for in our lives.

Ana María Ruiz Sancho and Marcus Gottlieb will run 2 PBSP days, which are separate workshops. Each day will comprise an explanatory introduction, an exercise and 4 client sessions (or ‘structures’). Thus, 4 participants will have the opportunity to work as clients for at least an hour each. The first ‘structure’ on each day can be reserved. Each day is capped at 10 participants. In Madrid 2 structures will be led in English and 2 in Spanish, with translation available whenever needed.

Cost: £75/€95 per day (or £100/€130 to reserve first structure)
(15% discount for any booking paid for prior to April 15)

Contact: [email protected] / (+34) 620 974 657 or [email protected] / (+44) 7973 322 819