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If you are a UKAHPP member then you automatically have an account on the UKAHPP website. This account allows you to read members-only articles and participate in members-only discussions. You can also use this account to advertise workshops using the Events section and advertise your practice using the Members List and Find-a-Therapist feature.

To access any members-only features, you need to be logged in. Furthermore, to add to the website or change your profile, you need to go to the “Admin Area”.

This guide explains how to Log in and how to access the Admin Area.

Logging In

In order to login to the site you use a Username. This Username is not your email address as it was with the old website.

Your Username is your first name and last name, with all spaces and punctuation removed and converted to lower case. So for example Fritz Perls would have the username of ‘fritzperls’. If you have a surname which is more complex such as “Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec” then your username would be “henridetoulouselautrec”.

If you find yourself getting stuck and can’t login to the site, the first thing to check is whether you are using the right Username.  If your Username is correct, then the problem is with your password – you may be trying an out of date password for example. Or if you are using Copy and Paste, make sure you are not copying a space before or after the password.

Note that, the first time you use the new website, you do not have a password (the passwords from the old website were not transferred to the new one) so you will need to choose one. In any of these cases, scroll down this guide to find the section called “Choosing a Password” which describes how to reset your password.

If you are still stuck (it may be that you’ve changed your name or that our records have an error) then contact the webmaster to check what your Username is.

The Login Page

To log in, visit the website and look for the Log In link in the left-hand column:


Click on this and it will take you to the Log in screen:


In order to login, you will need a Username and a Password.

The last section explained how to work out what your Username is.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a Password though. If you have not logged in before you will not have one anyway, which is deliberate – you choose a password the first time you login. Or you may have lost your password. No problem, It is easy to create a new one of your own choosing.

The next section “Normal Login” explains how to login if you do know both your Username and your Password. The following section “Choosing a Password” explains how to choose a password if you don’t have one.

Normal Login

This login screen is used to login if you already know your password. If you do not know your password, skip to the next section.

Simply type in your Username (not your email) and your Password in the two boxes. If you are successful, then you will be returned to the website’s Members’-only page and will now be able to see all the Members’-only features.

If you don’t succeed then you will find yourself still on the login page, and there will be some kind of error message above the box with the Username/Password fields in.

If you didn’t manage to login this way, first check the error message. Note what this says. If you used the wrong Username, it will say so. Check the notes above for how the Username is formed and note that Usernames do not contain any spaces or punctuation. If you are stuck always getting an error saying your Username is the wrong one, yet your Username seems right according to the notes, it may be you’ve changed your name or that our records have an error such as out of date information, so contact the webmaster to check what your Username is.

If your username is correct, but you can’t login, then you are using the wrong password. Try the usual things you do when a password doesn’t work – try typing your password again in case you mistyped, check that you haven’t got “Caps Lock” on and so on. If all this fails, then you probably need to choose a new password. See the next section for instructions.

Once you have logged in, you will be returned to the website’s Members’-only page where you will find you now have access to members-only services such as articles and forums.

Choosing a Password

If you don’t have a password or don’t know what your password is, either because this is the first time you have used the site or because you have lost or forgotten it, this isn’t a problem – you can simply ask to choose a new password by clicking on the “Lost your password?” link at the bottom of the log in form. This will take you to the password recovery page.

When you get to the password recovery page, it looks like this:



Fill in your username or email address as it says, but bear in mind that many people have more than one email address and only the one registered with UKAHPP will work. It may be better to use your Username here – see the notes above for how to work out your Username. Then click “Get New Password”.

If you get an error such as this:



Then that means you have used the wrong Username or email. In that case go back to the previous section of this guide for advice on how to work out your Username. Or check any emails you have received from UKAHPP to see what email you have registered with the Administrator – the website uses the same email address. If you get stuck (it may be you’ve changed your name or that our records have an error) then contact the webmaster to find out what your Username is.

If you don’t get any errors, then you will find yourself on a page with a message saying that an email has been sent to you. This stage of changing your password is a security feature that ensures that only you can change your password, no impostors can take control of your account.

Be patient, emails take time to be delivered so wait for it to arrive. If you do request a password email twice, then it will be confusing since only one of them will work. If the email doesn’t arrive within about 10-15 minutes then it may be that it has been mis-identified as spam (so check your spam folder) or your email address is out of date – in which case ask the Administrator to correct it.

Once you have received this email, it will look something like this:

Note that the email also tells you what your Username is. This is the Username you need to login to the website.

Click on that link in the middle of the email on a line of its own after the words “To continue to reset your password, visit the following address:”. This will take you to a web page that will allow you to type in a new password. If clicking on the link does not work, then you might need to copy the link and paste it into your web browser.

The email link is only valid for about a day, so if you leave it for longer than this then you’ll find that it has expired. Also, if you have requested a password change more than once, only one of the emailed links will work – the latest one – and earlier ones will have expired. If you click on a link from an expired request you will see an error like this:


Note the error which has a red border. This is important. It means you have used an expired link. If you have requested a password more than once and have the later email, try clicking on the link in that first to see if it works before you request yet another email to add to the confusion. If you get lost in this process, delete all the emails relating to passwords and start the process again to avoid confusion.

When you click on the email link, it will open a browser window on a web page that looks like the following. If you have several browser windows open, you may need to find the right one. It’s the one that says “Enter your password below” just below the UKAHPP logo.


The website will pre-fill the form by choosing a  strong password for you – as in this case where the password is a random sequence of letters, numbers and symbols. Some find it confusing that the password is already there, but this is just a suggestion of a strong password. You can choose to use this suggestion if you like, or you can delete this password and type in your own password if you prefer. The indicator beneath the password will show whether your password is considered “Strong” or not, as it is in the picture. Please make your password reasonably strong and please don’t use any variation on “password”! Now make a note of your password or copy and paste it into a document for reference (this works best because it eliminates any typos) so that you don’t forget it, and then click on the “Reset Password” button.

The password choice will be confirmed by the following web page:


Once you have chosen a password, you can login normally. Click on the words “Log in” which will take you back to the normal login page. The normal login process is described in the previous section of this guide.

Admin Area

To modify your account, you need to be logged in, and then you need to enter the “Admin Area”. There are two ways of doing this.

One way is to find the place where the Log In link was on the left-hand column of the website. You will find it has changed:


Click on the “Admin Area” link to access the Admin Area.

However, probably the easiest way to access the Admin Area is to use the “Admin Bar” which appears across the top of the website when you are logged in. Note however that the Admin Bar can be switched off, in which case you will need to use the Link as described earlier. The Admin Bar looks like this:


Click on the word “UKAHPP” and this will take you to the Admin Area. You can tell when you are in the Admin Area because it has a very different appearance:

There is a menu of options on the left-hand side representing all the things you can do with your account. You can work on any of the following types of information. In each item in the list below, you will see that the title after the bullet point is a link to another website guide. Click on it to read that guide:

  • Profile, Practice Profiles and Practice Addresses – these manage your presence on the website, your visibility to searching and participation in the find-a-therapist service
  • Events – this allows you to manage advertising of practice-related events such as workshops, CPD training etc.
  • Forums, Topics and Replies – these allow you to create and manage your contribution to the Forums. Note however that the best way to do this is via the Forums page on the website itself, but this Admin feature allows you to review your contributions alone.
  • Articles– allows you to write and edit articles for publication on the website, such as news, information, reports, most of the membership communications are Articles. Most members will need to have their articles approved by an Editor or Administrator before it becomes publicly available on the website.
  • Media – allows you to manage media such as images associated with your articles, events, etc. You can upload an image, for example, and then include it in a post.
  • Comments – manage comments that have been made on your Articles

Each of these will be explained in more detail in a separate website guide. Click on the highlighted links in the descriptions above to see the individual guides.