Membership Benefits

Membership Aims and Benefits

Formed in 1980 as a private limited company, the UKAHPP is run by and for its members, through an elected Board of Directors and the appointment of members to manage standing committees and other functions.

The Association was established with the purpose of advancing the theory and practice of Humanistic Psychology in the UK and to provide a professional ‘home’ for Humanistic practitioners in counselling, therapy and related fields.

In accordance with its published constitution, the association may exercise its powers in the furtherance of:

  • The administration of a practitioner register, consistent with professional standards and commitment to the enhancement of public protection.
  • The maintenance of a code of ethical practice and the administration of a complaints procedure.
  • The development of accreditation criteria and processes, recognising a high level of training and experience in Humanistic Psychology.
  • The establishment of categories and classes of membership reflecting different needs and purposes.
  • Working with other agencies or bodies having similar aims.
  • Providing a route for members to attain UKCP Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor registration.
  • Conferences and Continuing Professional Development workshops.
  • The publication of printed and online documents about Humanistic Psychology.
  • To undertake or sponsor research into aspects of Humanistic Psychology.
  • A public online ‘Find a Therapist’ facility of registered and accredited practitioners.
  • Membership communication including the advertisement of events through website and social media facilities as necessary.

May 2017