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Access: Everyone

Group Analytical Body Psychotherapy

Guy Gladstone

Over the weeks an ongoing group deepens contact with yourself and others and enables changes to be recognised and capacity for relationship to develop. I work with embodied attitudes and beliefs as these emerge,from movement interactions, dialoguing, enactment,recent dreams and the story of your week. Groups commence with a quarter hour of bioenergetic voicing, breathing and moving, structures being drawn from a very wide and continuously varied repertoire.

Guy Gladstone is accredited as a group psychotherapist by UKAHPP.
These groups are ‘slow open’ and have run continuously for many years. There is a minimum commitment to 7 sessions and an extended initial interview. An enquiry can be made at any time on your own behalf or as a referrer to find out more e.g whether/when a place is available in a specific group. More details are available on the weekly ongoing groups and calendar sections of my website.

Date: Wednesdays 2-4.30 pm and 6-8pm, Thursdays 5.20-7.20pm and 8-10.30pm

Venue: The Open Centre 188 Old Street London EC1V 9FR

Fee: £28 per 2 hour session £35 per 2 1/2 hour session

Contact: Guy Gladstone 0800 313 4844 website