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Published on 25/03/2018 by

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Memo to all UKAHPP Members in practice

 Data Protection

Some of you will already know that from May this year, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) registration will be replaced with a new system: General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The link below allows you to go to the ICO run website with a range of resources, check lists and explanations so that you can check you comply with data handling in your practice.

Different practitioners will have to take different levels of action to comply, and you need to use the check lists to identify how this change applies to your individual practice. Failure to comply does lead to sanctions so you are strongly advised to look into this in good time.

There are two links here: one to the “short check list”, and one to the main help site.

Short check list:

Main Site:

One last thing – if you ensure registration or renewal with ICO before May, your registration

continues onto the new scheme for a slightly lower fee, although the new regulations still apply from that time.