Reflective Journey in The Sahara Desert

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The emptying allows more room within and initiates a heightening of awareness and sensation which can enable us to find new insight, feelings, thoughts and experience. The stillness of the desert encourages us to do less and be more. This process

Ben J Mckie

This is a trip in which we will be spending most of the time camping in the Desert with camels. This is a great way to reflect and un-plug from your regular environment and find space among others whom share an interest in self development. This option is more about experiencing the journey and having the opportunity to reflect and be with ones own process in an environment where Peace allows your mind to quieten and Space gives endless dimension for contemplation and reflection. This is a great trip for Therapists, Counsellors and professionals who are in need of space and inspiration.

Date: October and April every year

Venue: Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Fee: 7 day trip with 5 days in the desert £1800 all inclusive of flights accomodation equipment desert permits and food and drink. – discount for UKAHPP members

Contact: Ben Mckie [email protected] 07843 480 867 website