Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Categories: Ongoing Therapy Groups

Access: Everyone

Aisha Ali

The group focuses on understanding the impact of abuse in childhood and adulthood.

Although no one can change events that have occurred, you will be encouraged to explore your relationships and responses to events to shift the way you relate to it in the present.To discover what is needed for you to live in a more fulfilling way, exploring what you may need to say good-bye to in the past in order to cross your present threshold and move on. Working on increasing our ability to know when to initiate, to flow, to hold back, encourages a meaningful use of energy (prana and chi) therefore our quality of life improves.

If you have not worked with Aisha previously you will be required to attend an initial meeting before attending the group. The group is open to men and women.

Date: Tuesdays 1.30pm – 3.00pm

Venue: West Hampstead Womens Centre, London

Fee: Donation – discount for UKAHPP members

Contact: Aisha Ali [email protected] 07855781210 website