Procedure for Processing Ordinary Member (Registered) Applications


Annual Declaration and Notification of Practice Renewal Forms                                        

 –UKAHPP Register of Humanistic Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors


This procedure is to be read in conjunction with the criteria for entry to the UKAHPP Register of Humanistic Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors (the Register).

The Membership Committee is responsible for processing and approving Ordinary Membership application for entry on to the Register.

Following consultation with the UKAHPP Registrant, the Membership Committee may process applications from ex-registrants in accordance with the published criteria and completion of any additional requirements. It is not good practice to re-enter ‘terminated’ members on to the register without further investigation.

UKAHPP members living and working overseas cannot be included on the register unless they can evidence that they are resident and working in the UK for 5 consecutive months of each year. Registration would apply to their UK work only.

1. Administration

1.1 Applications are received and acknowledged by the UKAHPP Administrator.

1.2 All applications will be processed online unless an alternative arrangement is agreed with the Membership Committee.

1.3 The UKAHPP Administrator will download (or scan in the case of hard copies) application forms and supporting documents.

1.4 All correspondence and documents relating to an application will be held by the UKAHPP in accordance with Data Protection requirements and unsuccessful application forms will be deleted from UKAHPP’s records 18 months after the submission date.

1.5 All correspondence from the Membership Committee will be sent via the UKAHPP Administrator.

1.6 The UKAHPP Administrator will check that application forms have been completed and submitted in accordance with published requirements. Incomplete application forms will be returned with an outline of what is required for resubmission – payment will be returned at this stage only.

1.7 Applicants in good standing on an existing PSA Accredited Register of Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and who meet the criteria for UKAHPP Ordinary Registered Membership at a minimum and without exemption, may be fast tracked through the application process.

1.8 If completed in accordance with published requirements, the UKAHPP Administrator will send an electronic copy of all documents to the Membership Secretary for each application and state the applicant’s name in the email subject window.

2. Membership Committee – Verification

2.1 The Membership Secretary is responsible for progressing applications through the Membership Committee and will maintain a record of all applications.

2.2 The Membership Committee will meet a minimum of 4 times per year and determine whether applications will be processed on an individual and or block basis.

2.3 Applications will be allocated to members of the Membership Committee. With the support of an appointed Membership Committee member, additional UKAHPP Registrants with specialist knowledge can be co-opted on to the Membership Committee for verification purposes – collectively known as ‘verifiers’.

2.4 Verifiers will ensure the application complies with published requirements. This may include checks with training providers, awarding bodies, employers, other professional organisations and the applicant’s supervisor.

2.5 Verifiers via the UKAHPP Administrator may request the applicant to submit additional information about training, work experience, supervision, complaints and convictions.

2.6 It is the responsibility of the applicant, not the verifier, to seek and provide accurate information and evidence as to how their application complies with published requirements.

2.7 On completion of the verification process verifiers will return completed ‘Verification Forms’ to the Membership Secretary, who will supervise all application decisions and conduct additional verification checks if necessary and in the event of a verifier alerting them to particular difficulties.

2.8 The Membership Secretary will inform applicants via the UKAHPP Administrator, when the verification process has been completed and their application has been forwarded to the UKAHPP Registrar for additional quality assurance checks prior to their name being entered on to the UKAHPP Register.

2.9 The Membership Secretary is responsible for the decision to approve applications for Ordinary Membership and entry on to the Register once the Registrar has completed additional quality assurance checks.

2.10 If additional quality assurance checks give rise to any concerns, indiscretions or anomalies, the Registrar will notify the Membership Secretary. The applicants name will not be entered on the Register and their application will be held by the Membership Committee under the supervision of the Membership Secretary pending further verification.

2.11 UKAHPP Ordinary Membership cannot be awarded until any concerns, indiscretions or anomalies have been fully addressed and no longer give rise to concern about the applicant’s name being included on the Register.

2.12 Following completion of the verification process and additional quality assurance checks, the Registrar will inform the Membership Secretary that the applicants name has been included on the Register and the UKAHPP Administrator will forward a UKAHPP Membership Welcome Pack to Registrant, with a letter from the UKAHPP Registrar affirming:

  • Entry on to the Register – with an Annual Registration Certificate
  • Responsibilities as a Registrant
  • Requirement to complete an Annual Notification of Practice and Registration Renewal Declaration Form
  • Limitations as to how UKAHPP registration status and logo can be used.

3. Unsuccessful Applications

3.1 The Membership Secretary will notify unsuccessful applicants via the UKAHPP Administrator, of the reasons why their application is unsuccessful and how their application may be progressed.

3.2 Unsuccessful applications with minor omissions will be held for 8 weeks to allow the applicant to fully comply with requirements. If the required information and evidence is not submitted within the 8 week deadline the application will be closed.

3.3 In the case of substantive omissions the application will be closed, the applicant will be informed of the reasons and what they need to address in any re-submission.

3.4 Re-submissions can be made 12 months after the date of the original application.

4. Review Meeting

4.1 In the event of unsuccessful application, a written request can be made to the Membership Secretary for the decision to be reconsidered by the Membership Committee, if evidence can be provided as to how criteria omissions outlined in the notification letter have been complied with.

4.2 The Membership Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the review request normally within 7 days of the request and may request additional information and evidence of compliance with published requirements.

4.3 The Membership Secretary will convene a full meeting of the Membership Committee to review the application normally within 60 days of the review request.

4.4 The Membership Committee member who made the decision not to approve the application, will explain how their decision was reached and then withdraw from the Review Meeting and will have no involvement in the decision to re-instate the application or not.

4.5 The Registrar will not attend the Review Meeting and any concerns they alerted the membership Committee about resulting in a failed application, will be put forward by the Membership Secretary or their nominated deputy.

4.6 Membership Committee members will make a decision to re-instate an application or not on a one person one vote basis with the Membership Secretary or their deputy (who will Chair the meeting) exercising a casting vote if necessary.

4.7 If the Membership Committee’s ability to conduct a fair review is compromised the Membership Secretary will ask the Accreditation Committee Chair to convene a Review Meeting consisting of Membership Committee not compromised and senior members of the Accreditation Committee will experience of processing Accreditation Applications.

4.8 The Membership Secretary will write to the applicant informing them of the Membership Committee’s decision to:

  • Uphold the original decision that the application does not comply with published requirements
  • Request submission of additional evidence of compliance with published requirements, within a specified deadline after which the application will be closed.
  • Reverse the original decision and forward the application to the UKAHPP Registrar for inclusion on the register pending quality assurance checks.

4.9 The decision of the Review Meeting regarding Ordinary Membership will be final.

5. Restoration of Registration

5.1 If a person’s UKAHPP Registration has been terminated under the UKAHPP Complaints Procedure they may submit an application to re-register not less than three years after the date of their termination. The former Registrant is required to submit:

  • A statement demonstrating learning about the issues resulting in their termination.
  • A report from a Registered Supervisor with UKAHPP Psychotherapist or Psychotherapeutic Counsellor Accreditation in support of their re-registration

5.2 The application will be assessed by a special committee prior to normal verification. The committee will include:

  • UKAHPP Membership Secretary – or their deputy
  • UKAHPP Ethics Committee Chair or their deputy
  • UKAHPP Registrar – or their deputy
  • Two UKAHPP Registered Members
  • Additional Members with special knowledge may be co-opted as necessary

5.3 In addition to standard requirements, the committee may apply special conditions on the ex-registrant’s practice if restoration of membership is approved.

5.4 An ex-registrant can make one application for re-registration in any 12 month period.

6. Registrar’s Office

6.1 The Membership Secretary will notify the UKAHPP Registrant of applications that comply with published requirements, with copies of the Application Form, Supervisor’s Statement, Verification Form and additional information, including complaints, convictions and anomalies relevant to registration,

6.2 The Registrar’s Office will conduct additional quality assurance checks with other register holders before an applicant’s name is included on the register.

6.3 The Registrar will inform the applicant of any anomalies that may prevent their name being included on the register. The Registrar may request further information from the applicant, if it is not provided by a specified time the application will be closed.

6.4 If quality assurance checks reveal any administrative errors the Registrar may refer an application back to the Membership Secretary.

6.5 The Registrar’s decision about entry on to the register is final.

6.6 The Registrar will confirm via the UKAHPP Administrator the award of Ordinary Membership and entry on to the register, only if the published criteria has been complied with and no quality assurance concerns have been raised.

6.7 The Registrar’s confirmation will include:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Ordinary Membership Certificate
  • Details of registration responsibilities, including completion of an Annual Renewal Form and how registration status can be used
  • A membership welcome pack

6.8 The Registrar will inform the Board of Directors via periodic reports of all new entries to the register.

6.9 The Registrar will periodically provide the Accreditation Committee with a list of Registered Members eligible to apply for UKAHPP Accreditation.

7. Notification of Practice and Annual Renewal

7.1 The Membership Committee is responsible for ensuring that all UKAHPP registrants complete an online Notification of Practice and Annual Renewal Disclosure Form (Annual Renewal Form). An alternative to online completion can be agreed with the UKAHPP Administrator.

7.2 The UKAHPP Administrator will send the Annual Renewal Form to registrants each year on 31st July with completed forms being returned by 30th September.

7.3 Registration status will be affected if a registrant fails to complete an Annual Renewal Form.

7.3.1 An urgent reminder will be sent to registrants on 15th September who have not returned a completed Annual Renewal, unless they have informed the Membership Secretary of the delay and arranged an extension. No other reminders will be issued.

7.3.2 If a completed Annual Renewal Form has not been received by 30th September the registrant’s status will read “Suspended – Subject to Annual Renewal”.

7.3.3 If a completed Annual Renewal Form has not been received by 31th October the registrant’s status will read “Suspended – Annual Renewal Default”.

7.4 The Registrar’s Office will conduct a 10% audit sample of returned forms – requesting Photo Identification and evidence of Indemnity Insurance, CPD, Supervision and other considerations as necessary and followed up with quality assurance checks with other register holders.

7.5 If a registrant does not comply with the Registrar’s audit their registration status will be ‘suspended’ or ‘withdrawn’ pending compliance.

8. Raising Concern

If the Registrar has public safety concern about the practice of an applicant brought to light through initial application quality assurance checks or Annual Renewal Form checks, they will inform the General Secretary who will handle the matter as necessary on a case by case basis and in accordance with UKAHPP’s Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures.

9. Resignations

9.1 Resignations from the register (including membership – unless the member requests Associate Membership) must be made in writing to the General Secretary who will inform the Registrar. The resigning member is requested to return to the UKAHPP Administrator Accreditation, Registration and Membership certificates.

9.2 Resignations are not valid until accepted by the Board of Directors and cannot be accepted if the registrant’s practice is the subject of a complaint. The UKAHPP Complaints Procedure has provision for hearing complaints against ex-registrants if they were on the register at the time of an alleged complaint.

10. Information Sharing

To enhance public protection and the promotion of confidence in the register, the UKAHPP will share and seek information from other register holders and professional organisations about the professional standing of applicants and registrants.

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