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Access: Everyone

Membership Class:Associate Member working towards Accreditation
UKAHPP Member No:4
Practices as:Body Psychotherapist
Works with:Adolecents, Adults
Working Styles:Psychodynamic, Somatic, Humanistic, Creative

Hello. I am a Mind Body Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor in private practice and a psychological counsellor with the University of Huddersfield, both part-time

My previous psychotherapy and clinical supervision work have included working with Leeds Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service; Leeds Counselling; Relate Relationship Counselling. As a group facilitator and trainer, I have worked within Social Services (St Ives, Oldham), Relate (Suffolk), Mind (Oldham), Refuge (Oldham) Leeds University, Huddersfield Technical College and with a variety of voluntary sector agencies.

My work is informed by the psychology, science and philosophy of psychotherapy, somatic psychology, and psychological counselling. I am committed to confidential and ethical practice.

I am currently engaged in a new accreditation process with AHPP, and I follow their ethical guidelines.  I have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate (pending) and am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) regarding Data Protection. For my private work, I am a Company Limited by Guarantee, called ‘Heart land Psychotherapy’.

I am interested in the evidence base of my work and over the years I have developed an integrated model of therapeutic practice which values artistic, scientific, and embodied understandings of human psychological development and process, related to family and cultural dynamic, social justice, wellbeing, and mental health, throughout our life stages from being in the womb. I therefore incorporate several psychotherapy tools.

Therapies I offer Include Body Psychotherapy, Authentic Movement Therapy, Psychological Counselling, Outdoor Therapy (connecting, reflection and processing in natural spaces), Mindfulness Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Creative and Humanistic therapies, systemic and Relationship Counselling and Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Existential Therapy. Integrative practice.

I offer long-term and short-term counselling and psychotherapy contracts and clinical supervision for peers and trainees. I work face to face, by telephone or online – e.g., via Zoom. I have some spaces for outdoor work. Both daytime and some evening appointments are available

My approach is collaborative. I work in response to a person’s individual circumstances, sensitive to the individuals’ difficulties and needs. I work with individuals who wish to explore, understand, and manage a very wide range of mental health challenges, personal development issues, and life experiences.

Areas for therapeutic work may include Mental health conditions, (mild to severe) including for example, disordered eating, hearing voices, personality disorders – I am happy to work in conjunction with a person’s psychiatrist or Mental Health Worker. Recovery from trauma such as childhood sexual abuse. Relationship problems. Stress, Anxiety, and depression. Changing unwanted patterns of behaviour. Lack of self-fulfilment. Anger, lack of self-esteem, domestic violence. Sexual problems, Bereavement, loss and separation, attachment issues. Personal growth and development work. Spiritual emergence. Issues related to Race, Class and Gender. Creating Ritual.

I currently charge £55-75 an hour (for individual therapy and clinical supervision) and £40 – 50 for trainees. Please contact me regarding fees for organisations.

My Training. – Originally, I trained with ‘Midsummer Training’, a private organisation of psychotherapists, who’s training was associated with the Chiron Centre (London) and Middlesex Polytechnic (London). This was a four-year diploma course in Psychodynamic Body Oriented Psychotherapy, the ethics of which were bound by the governing bodies AHPP and BACP. Three years offered a minimum of 900 hours student / tutor contact time, a forth year offered 100 hours student / tutor contact time. Academic written study, research papers, presentations, internal and external assessment, and personal therapy were also completed yearly, as additional hours to the above, plus a dissertation

In 2004 I trained as a Clinical Supervisor of Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy with the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. I have worked for more than a decade (to date and ongoing) in an Authentic Movement (somatic psychotherapy based) experiential training group. Other training has included a two and a half year Relate Relationship counselling training and Eye Movement Desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR). I have continued to be and am currently in, regular and continuing professional and personal development: and consider this to be an integral part of my professional task.

I have an Integrative, Psychoanalytic and Humanistic understanding with experience/training in Core Energetic, Sensorimotor, Transpersonal/Spiritual practice, amongst other and have been working as a counsellor and then psychotherapist since 1991.

I’ve been in my own personal psychotherapy for 7 years, as part of, during and after my original professional training. My individual therapy was at a rate of once and twice a week and my group therapy, once a week. Beyond that, I have continued in my own therapy on a regular basis, including through experiential group work and workshops.

All of my training is trauma informed at its core and recognises that many of our mental health challenges, illnesses and chaotic behaviours have their root in trauma experiences.

As part of my profession and good practice, I have monthly clinical supervision (both individual and group) with a psychotherapy supervisor, and work in an occasional specialist supervision group exploring the Charachter Structure work of William Reich, Alexander Lowen and  Ron Kurtz.

The practice of different ways towards self-awareness and healing have been a major part of my personal and work life. As lived experience, I am keenly engaged in Authentic Movement, Process work, Feminist Philosophy, and the development / expansion of consciousness. My interests include understanding issues of power, sexuality and sexual energy, attachment, and connectedness, amongst other. I experience and believe in our capacity to change and heal, to evolve beyond our personal histories and expand our emotional and mental selves.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am currently working online, by telephone and offering some (limited) Outdoor Therapy.

If you would like further information about the areas of mental health and personal development I work in (and including my professional trainings, affiliations, insurances, or a curriculum vitae) please do contact me on 07554 165 307 or email me. Thank you


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