Venessa Ama

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Access: Everyone

Membership Class:Associate Member working towards Accreditation
UKAHPP Member No:4

I am a psychotherapist in private practice. I also work with the University of Huddersfield as a student counsellor.

My previous psychotherapy and clinical supervision work has included Leeds Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service; Leeds Counselling ; Relate – Suffolk (couples counsellor and trainer)

My original training was in Psychodynamic Body Oriented Psychotherapy. I have a Psychoanalytic and Humanistic understanding with experience/training in Core Energetic, Transpersonal/Spiritual practice. I work with Mindfulness and Authentic Movement as a psychotherapeutic process.

I have been in my own therapy over a period of 7 years (once and twice a week, both individual and separate group therapy) – part of and during my original professional training as a psychotherapist. Since that time, I have been and am currently in regular and continuing professional and personal development.

The practice of different ways towards self awareness have been a major part of my personal and work life. As lived experience, I am keenly engaged in Authentic Movement, Process work, Feminist Philosophy and the development / expansion of consciousness. In this context my interests include sexuality, sexual relating, attachment and connectedness. I experience and believe in our capacity to change and heal, to evolve beyond our personal histories and expand our emotional and mental selves- weaving a dance of unconscious, conscious and transpersonal processes.

I work with individuals, couples, groups, (women and Men) long and short term, face to face, who wish to explore, understand and manage a range of personal development issues, difficulties and life problems.

These may include: Mental health conditions (mild to severe). Recovery from trauma such as childhood sexual abuse. Relationship problems. Stress, Anxiety and depression. Changing unwanted patterns of behaviour.
Lack of self fulfilment. Sexual problems. Bereavement, loss and separation. Personal growth and development work

I charge £45 an hour with some availability for a reduced fee.

I am happy to openly discuss fee, based on ability to pay, where a person genuinely considers they are unable to meet this cost.


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