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  • Bach Flower Remedies:  Natural Medicine for your thoughts and emotions. A Portal onto your  peace of mind and emotional well-being.


    Bach Flower Remedies

  • Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Growth and Wellbeing:
    • Group Teaching & Wisdom Sharing.
    • Mentoring, Counselling & Speaking.


Training, Qualifications and Experience

I am  a deep thinker, at home living on the inside of me, therefore I am a  Transformational Catalyst for you:

I enjoy working with individuals who are open to personal growth, recognising their inner world will affect how they manage their outer world.

transformationMy strength is getting to the heart. My intuitive abilities enable me to look through a window onto your world, enabling you to integrate your inner world with your outer world of work, relationships, health and well-being and life challenges.

My style has a strong focus upon integrating intuitive, emotional and spiritual right brain skills alongside free flowing thoughts and mindful action, transforming lives. I will always take a holistic approach, looking at your  emotional and mental resilience and energy levels, your management of stress and your creative pathways, your inner knowing when working alongside you.

To date, I have

  • supported over 1,800 clients
  • dedicated over 10,000 hours to individual practice
  • plus almost as many hours of group work.

Please do get in touch for an initial friendly chat about how I might also help you. Testimonials on my website. How we might work together   on the website too.

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  • FREE ebook and the beginning of my series on “Your Portal To Your Potential, where life happens for you rather than to you.”
  • This book will transform the way you will see your life because it is a portal for sustained peace and happiness.
  • This first one is called Breaking Down Barriers:  it shares the signposts  I have learned in my life journey and my work with others, including how to live in-between the worlds and awaken to yourself and how to remember what you’ve forgotten about being a Divine-human being where one can live a spiritual, compassionate life and function in the everyday world. 
  •  There’s a chapter on experiencing and living a passionate life too.  This is often a scary space for people to find themselves in, yet our creative expression is an integral part to living a sustained peaceful and happy life.  
  • Finally, three fundamental life skills  for well-being including ageing and working consciously, relationships and modern life pressures. There’s even a checklist on emotional intelligence

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