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Access: Everyone

Membership Class:Associate Member
UKAHPP Member No:468
Other memberships:MBACP
Practices as:Anger Management, Gestalt, Existential, Formative
Works with:Individuals, Children, Couples, Groups, Families
Working Styles:Face to face, Skype

Are you suffering with your Anger?

Do anger and conflict rule your life?

Is  your marriage / relationship breaking down?

Are you hurting yourself and those around you?

Are you stressed, do you often regret your behaviour?

By contacting me about your anger you will already have already done 50% of the work. I believe this step alone is transformational and worthy of the deepest respect. You have recognised you have a problem that you want to deal with and the truth is that many of us do not even get that far. Within half a dozen sessions (in my experience) you will see that there is “light at the end of the tunnel”. With this realisation your view of yourself and the world may already be shifting along with the behaviours and attitudes which have not been helping you and those around you.

Many of us see anger as a bad thing, in my experience it can be useful – it tells me something is wrong, something I may not even be aware of. If we look at anger in this way then our attitude to it can start to change “what is my anger telling me”. This is especially important in relation to children who will tend to act out their needs rather than verbalise. Everyone feels anger to some degree, it is a normal feeling, part of our humanity. I think this is important. If I think there is something “wrong” about feeling anger then I am exacerbating feelings I am already having trouble with.

Working with anger is not like the film with Jack Nicholson, it is serious caring deep and life-changing work – if you want it to be. You will learn techniques for managing your angry behaviour and sometimes that can be enough. At the core is working out what drives our anger and changing our attitude to being angry. This is not about not having anger, it is about using and channelling it in different ways that can be life-enhancing.

Working with anger raises question about how I want to be “me” in the world. It is not about massive sudden changes, these are not generally helpful. This is a gentle process of learning to be more of “who you are” and enacting less of the angry behaviours which are affecting your life and those around you.

Training, Qualifications and Experience

I am a leading UK Anger Specialist and therapist based in London. I appear regularly on the Nick Ferrari Show and the Anna Raeburn Show on LBC Radio, in Womans Own, SHE magazine, Men’s Health, FHM and on the BBC. I was featured on the Channel 4 Programme Embarrassing Bodies” in 2010 and am frequently interviewed about the anger issues of people in the news such as Zinedine Zidane, Naomi Campbell and Hugh Grant.

I am a full member of the BACP and was initially trained by BAAM (British Association of Anger Management). I have an MBA (University of Westminster 1991) and a BA HONS (Leeds University 1978). I am in ongoing postgraduate training at the much respected Spectrum Psychotherapy Practice and hold the Spectrum Certificate and Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am running Anger workshops around the UK in 2106 on behalf of the BACP.



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