Evleen Mann

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Access: Everyone

Membership Class:Full Member
UKAHPP Member No:444
UKAHPP Register:Registered
UKAHPP Accreditations:Psychotherapist
UKAHPP Committees:Membership
Works with:Individuals
Working Styles:Face to face, Skype

Whatever the sadness, difficulty or trauma that brings us to look for counselling or psychotherapy, I believe we all already have the potential for self-healing. By talking about ourselves, explaining our actions to another person, we increase our self-understanding, enabling us to identify the possible origins and consequences of our behaviours. As an experienced psychotherapist, I am empathic and non-judgmental. I listen really carefully to what you say and also attend to your body language and what is unsaid. Over time, hopefully you will develop enough trust in the safety and security of our relationship to take your process of self-awareness to a deeper level, where you can choose to explore ways of transforming your behaviour, your thinking, your way of being with my support.
My original training was as a doctor in general practice, where I noticed that psychological distress underlay so much physical illness. Subsequently, I specialised in psychiatry including eating disorders, substance misuse and gender dysphoria. However, since I take a holistic approach to a persons’ problems, and am doubtful of the “quick fix” of medication, I initially began 2 years of a Jungian training but subsequently changed to a 4 year Person-Centred training in psychotherapy.


Training, Qualifications and Experience


MSc Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling 2012

UKAHPP accreditation as Psychotherapist 2012

PGDip Psychoanalytic Observational Studies 2007

General Practitioner 1981

MB.BS                   1979

Other Training in Psychotherapy

WMIP Jungian training 2005-2007 Birmingham

Psychoanalytic Thinking in Public sector Clinical Practice 2004-5 Leeds


In Self-awareness

Personal Person-Centred Psychotherapy weekly 2008-2012

Personal Jungian psychotherapy 3 times weekly for 5 years

Experiential Learning with colleagues on the MSc and in Process work

As a Doctor with clients in distress

One psychotherapy client as a medical student in 1978

20 years of General Practice where I maintained an interest in psychological distress as well as physical illnesses. (1980-2000)

6 years in Eating Disorders at the YCED (1998-2004) during which I co-facilitated a weekly psychoanalytic group for 2 years

3 years in Substance Misuse  at the Leeds Addiction Unit: Detox clinic (2004-2006) and Pregnancy and Parenting Team (2009-2010)

3 years in Gender Dysphoria at Leeds PFT (2004-2007)

As a Psychotherapist in training

To date more than 1000 hours with clients supported by individual supervision

Practice Addresses


Website: http://www.evleenmann.com

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