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I am an experienced counsellor of sixteen years’ standing, based in a quiet village between Pershore and Evesham, in Worcestershire.

I offer creative individual counselling, psychotherapy and group work to adults, and young adults, aged sixteen and over, in Worcestershire and beyond.

I qualified as a person-centred counsellor in 1999, and I have been working with mental health services ever since.

What is therapy?

Therapy provides a safe and confidential space for you to talk freely about your life, and whatever is on your mind, particularly things that may be confusing, uncomfortable or painful.

It can be a place to come to terms with difficult or embarrassing feelings, where the therapist listens attentively and tries to help you improve the way things are.

What can I offer you?

I offer long- and short-term therapy, depending on what you need, and I have particular experience of working with people who may be suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as other common mental health problems, such as stress-related illnesses, addictive behaviour, phobias, the effects of past trauma and abuse, self-harm issues and body image problems.

I also work with people who may be struggling with more emotional issues, such as relationship difficulties, family problems, issues at work, or a significant event in life, such as the onset of a serious illness, a sudden loss, or a divorce.

Action methods and group work

Action methods are empowering, creative and flexible techniques that use talk, drama and action to help people find out more about themselves, improve their relationships, and learn to cope better with life’s ups and downs.

I offer action methods groups to individuals, charities and organisations, ranging from personal development groups in community settings, to more focused groups for people with particular mental health issues.

Action methods, and their ‘big sisters’, psychodrama and sociodrama, have been used successfully in prisons, addictions centres, family centres, church organisations, education and businesses, and can also be adapted for use in to one-to-work.

They have a wide range of clinical and everyday applications, ranging from recovery groups for long-stay hospital patients to conflict management groups in business organisations.

I have been an action methods practitioner since 2009.

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