Jain Ritchie

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I offer an integrative and body-centred approach to counselling that addresses both immediate and specific issues as well as offering a space to explore more deeply held beliefs and malaise that undermine a sense of well-being & hinder personal growth.

I trained as an artist and have a background of working in mental health particularly outside of the medical model. I began training as a therapist in 1996. I discovered Art Psychotherapy and Jung both of which fired my passion for using our creative process to express the unspeakable and to access and release blocked energy. A Foundation in Art Psychotherapy and Core Process Psychotherapy enrich my practice as a counsellor trained in humanistic and transactional analysis models.

I continue to be curious about how we humans function and as I grow older I am finding a more mindful and reflective position on which to ponder this mystery. I walk on the moors and by the coast with my dog to find a balance in my life.

I see clients at my home and at the Cornwall Therapy Partnership in Bodmin.

Training, Qualifications and Experience

Diploma in Humanistic Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Counselling (Transactional Analysis Core Approach)

Foundation in Art Psychotherapy (Exeter University)

Foundation in Core Process Psychotherapy (Karuna Institute)

UKAHPP Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Experience of working with severe and enduring mental health issues

2001-present Co-Ordinator for Cornwall Hearing Voices Network

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