Patricia Almohalla Alvarez

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I am a registered Counselling Psychologist. The nature of my practice is mainly humanistic although I implement other techniques as well.

My main methodology is Gestalt Therapy which enable us to focus on our immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviour and to better understand the way we relate to others. And the techniques that I implement: repair scenes and dramatization, relaxation techniques, body work (bioenergetics exercises), Narrative techniques (Biographical), visualizations, projective techniques (paintings), empty chair, dream work, the Enneagram of personality, etc.

Since I am a psychologist as well I utilise sometimes cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT), psycho-education programs especially to overcome anxiety crisis. Furthermore I have completed a Mindfulness Course based on Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and subsequently I also implement Mindfulness techniques with my clients.

My expertise is the use of creativity and experiential techniques in the therapeutic process since I have studied Dramatic Arts as well. Also reproductive psychology and infertility problems.

I am very compassionate person, supportive and warm who will help you to deal with the difficulties of life.

I offer counselling in Spanish and English.Skype and face to face.


I hold a Degree in Psychology, specialising in health psychology and intervention in mental and behavioural disorders

I have post graduate training in a humanistic approach as a Gestalt Therapist. The training involved 710 hours of theory and practice and one year supervision.

I have great experience in private practice and charity sector working with adults and couples, especially with depression and anxiety problems.

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