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Sustainable Empowerment has been developed by Richard Gosling based on the Psychodynamic Perspective, which embraces all Psychology therapies of an analytical nature.

Richard works in an entirely non-judgemental way and absolutely accepts you as you are in any particular time.”Psychological skills alone are not enough to effectively do this work. In addition, the client must feel that the therapist is totally accepting of them. And no therapist can fake genuine regard for a client for long.”

Richard has a history of helping clients from a wide range of differing backgrounds and treating many problems and disorders with great success.These include: Depression, Emotional Problems, Anxiety, Grief, Crisis and Trauma, Stress. Obsessions and Compulsions, Anger Issues, Low self-esteem, Family Problems, Addictions, Social Interaction.

Sustainable Empowerment is directed to enlighten you and empower you with a full understanding, acceptance and love for who you are, how you became the person you are today and how you can change what needs to be changed. “This awareness and undertstanding can completely change the outcome of how one deals with other people and situations in both their inner and outer world.”

There is a time in the lives of most of us when we may consider talking to a professional and wonder whether it will help alleviate or improve how we feel or situations around us. There could be many reasons for this; for example, from exoeriencing the all encompassing feeling that life is stuck in a rut and not knowing how to change to being insecure or unhappy in a relationship or something deeper in our nature. It is often very helpful to seek out therapy when we are facing, or trying to get over a major crisis, trauma or bereavement.

Generally we will set a plan together of that which we are going to achieve or address.

Sustainable Empowerment is located outside the congestion charge zone by the river in West London and affords easy access from many areas including outer London, the practice provides a peaceful and safe environment to work and explore issues and areas of concern.

Training, Qualifications and Experience

7 Years Contemporary Psychoanalysis.
2Years Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation
5 years Integrative Psychotherapy

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