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We live in challenging times. In order to meet what comes our way with equanimity, we need to live fully in our body, function well enough in the outside world, have a comfortable relationship with our inner world, with all its imperfections and joys, and have a connection to spirit, whatever that might mean. I work with all these aspects.

My qualifications? Over 20 years as a psychotherapist, with training in and experience of a wide range of approaches and no particular attachment to any of them, as a complementary therapist and energy worker, and many more years than that as an imperfect human being and spiritual seeker.


Specialist services


1. Trauma therapy

I am a registered EMDR practitioner. EMDR is a safe and effective way to work with trauma, producing results much more quickly than other therapies. Like CBT, it is one of the NICE approved psychological treatments.


2. Craniosacral therapy and somatic awareness

I use these very subtle forms of bodywork in conjunction with psychotherapy to facilitate body awareness, listen to body memory, and help the shift from high arousal stress and anxiety states to a calmer way of being.


3. Supervision and mentoring

I have a diploma in supervision from The Gestalt Centre and experience of supervising practising and trainee counsellors, psychotherapists, and complementary therapists.

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