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About Counselling and Therapy in Taunton

Counselling offers you a unique relationship in which to explore and resolve the issues that may be troubling you. It can provide you with an opportunity to explore who you really are and where you really fit in life. It can reveal patterns of behaviour that were important for your survival early in life but are now a hindrance to you forming fulfilling relationships.

In our counselling sessions I will listen to you attentively and empathically and will not judge you in any way. I will endeavour to understand your thoughts and feelings as you experience them so that we can work with whatever is troubling you. We will work at a pace and in a way that feels safe and comfortable for you. In this way we will discover a way forward that feels right for you.

Is counselling right for you?

Counselling can help with a whole range of issues, providing great relief, and allow you to discover ways to work through problems that impact your day to day enjoyment of life. If you are hesitating because you think your troubles are too trivial, I believe no problem is too small. A problem that seems trivial may be hiding something of greater significance. People come to see me for all sorts of reasons and I thought it may be helpful to list a few of them:

  • You may be grieving after losing someone close to you
  • Feeling disappointed with what you have achieved in life
  • Having difficulty adjusting to life after retirement or after being made redundant
  • Feeling broken hearted after the break-up of a relationship
  • Find yourself choosing the wrong partner in relationships or think you have a destructive relationship pattern you would like to overcome
  • You may be struggling to adjust to civilian life after leaving the armed forces
  • Struggling with food or drink
  • Struggling to care for a loved one, finding it difficult to talk to someone about the stresses that go with that
  • You may lack confidence in yourself
  • You may just be clinging to life, living from day to day

About the Sessions

Counselling sessions normally last for fifty minutes and take place once a week on the same day and at the same time. I currently charge £35 per session.

I believe that forming a strong counselling relationship will be a fundamental part of the work we do together and so  I offer a free, no obligation, introductory session to give us the chance to meet and for you to decide whether you feel comfortable working with me.

Sessions will continue for as long as you think necessary and you can decide to have a fixed number of sessions or leave it open ended.

We will meet in a comfortable counselling room in central Taunton and I offer sessions during both afternoons and evenings. There is a reception area where you can wait if you arrive early for your session and a car park is situated less than 5 minutes’ walk away, just beyond the junction of Tower Street and Castle Street.

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