Qualified Member (QM)

Introducing the new UKAHPP Accreditation Category of Qualified Membership

The Membership and Accreditation Committee of UKAHPP has introduced a new category of accreditation – Qualified Member (QM). This is intended for members who are qualified but still working towards achieving the necessary hours for accreditation as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (PC), or any type of practitioner in the therapist (ie Gestalt therapist) category of membership which comes under the same criteria as that of a PC. QM also includes the categories of Educator, Researcher and Organisational Designer.

It has been our observation that there is often a limbo period between qualification and accreditation which can be a disadvantage when applying for paid work or even an honorary position. Therefore UKAHPP has created this category in the hopes that it will confer more recognition of any newly qualified member’s status as a professional in the therapy field, or for those of non-specific therapeutic orientation such as Researcher.

People who have completed Part 2 of the Psychotherapy Training Accreditation route may also apply and be granted the status of QM in the interim of completing their accreditation through Part 3.

Applicants must demonstrate throughout the application a capacity to work with clients from a variety of different communities and have the ability to work with issues of difference, including 1) cultural differences as a result of belonging to minority ethnic groups, 2) sexuality and gender differences, 3) work with people who have mental health difficulties and/or are differently abled, and . 4) faith and spiritual beliefs and practice and 5) class and socio-cultural background. They need to demonstrate how they address these and give examples from their practice of how they might work with someone who is different from them.

To apply you first need to join as an Associate working towards Accreditation. Follow the link in the Join Section of the Main Menu.