Registration and Accreditation Criteria and Application

(UKAHPP Register of Humanistic Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors)

The UKAHPP welcomes registration applications from practitioners working with adults in the United Kingdom and who can evidence that they meet the published training criteria.

The UKAHPP has four categories of registration:

  • Entry Level Registered Member (ELRM)
  • Ordinary Registered Member (ORM)
  • Accredited Registered Member (ARM)
  • Higher Accredited Registered Member: Psychotherapist (HARP) and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (HARPC)

Summary of Training Criteria 

                                       ELRM         ORM               ARM                HARPC             HARP


Academic Level                 4                  5                   +5                      6                      7

Tutor Contact Hours        400             450                  450                  450                 900

Practice Hours                 100             100                  450                  450                 450

Personal Therapy             30              30                   60                    105                 160

The following training criteria apply to applicants seeking UKAHPP Registration and Accreditation. They also apply to practitioners wishing to the transfer registration and accreditation from other psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic counsellor registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

There is a separate route available on the UKAHPP website for applicants wishing to apply for UKAHPP Higher Accredited Registered Membership, which is also the route for those seeking UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Registration.

Successful applicants will receive one of three possible awards:

  • Entry Level Registered Membership
  • Ordinary Registered Membership
  • Accredited Registered Membership

A. Ordinary Registered Membership

Ordinary Registered Membership will be awarded to applicants who have successfully completed a recognised practice based Humanistic training OR equivalent portfolio practice based training. Applicants are required to provide evidence that training meets the following criteria:

  • Is at level 5 or above of the Quality Assurance Agency: Framework for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree Awarding Bodies (Diploma of Higher Education; Foundation Degree; Higher National Diploma). As other frameworks exist and may vary, applicants must demonstrate how their training equates to level 5 of the QAA
  • Has a minimum of 450 tutor contact hours
  • 100 hours of supervised practice within a recognised placement, not private practice
  • 1 hour of supervision to each 6 hours of client contact
  • 30 hours of personal therapy
  • Supervisor’s Report(s) (not tutor or peer related)

The curriculum content will include:

  • The theory and practice of a Humanistic approach from referral to discharge
  • An introduction to Psychoanalytic and Cognitive Behavioural approaches
  • A theory of human nature, psychological distress and change
  • Safeguarding awareness
  • Diversity and Equality
  • Professional considerations

B. Accredited Registered Membership

Accredited Registered Membership will be awarded to applicants who meet the training criteria for Ordinary Registered Membership as above and have completed:

  • An additional 350 hours of post training supervised Humanistic practice within a minimum of two years (A total of 450 hours including 100 hours during training)
  • An additional 30 hours of Personal Therapy (A total of 60 hours including 30 hours during training)
  • The above being supported by a Supervisor’s Report. If an applicant has more than one supervisor additional reports are required – the primary report must be submitted in respect of consultative supervisor not peer supervision (individual, group etc).

Members holding Ordinary Registered Membership may upgrade to Accredited Registered Membership if they can evidence attainment of the additional criteria – 350 hours of post training supervised Humanistic practice within a minimum of two years and 30 hours of post training personal Therapy. These requirements are in addition to normal CPD requirements applicable to all Registrants.

Ordinary Registered Members may apply for this upgrade by completing the Accredited Registered Membership (Attainment of Additional Criteria) Application Form available on the UKAHPP website.

C. Entry Level Registered Membership

Entry Level Registered Membership is granted to applicants with minimum practised based training at Level 4 QAA and who have accumulated 100 hours of supervised practice.  Holders of this category of registration are encouraged to attain Ordinary Registered Membership or Accredited Registered Membership within two years of joining the Register.

Members holding Entry Level Registration are not endorsed to work in private practice and will not be included in the UKAHPP “Find a Therapist” facility.  Registered Entry Level members are committed to lifelong CPD and completing an Annual Renewal of Practice Declaration.

In addition all categories of registered membership require applicants to:

  • Hold Indemnity Insurance
  • Agree to undertake at least 250 hours of Continuing Professional Development over a 5 year period with a minimum of 20 hours per year.
  • Be in practice in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with a minimum of 3 client hours per week.
  • Be in receipt of supervision appropriate to their training and practice for a minimum of 90 minutes per month
  • Provide a Supervisor’s Report(s) in support of their application
  • Have a Therapeutic Executor arrangement
  • Complete a Notification of Practice and Annual Renewal Declaration Form and provide additional information as requested by UKAHPP.
  • Consent to their name and professional standing, including complaints and sanctions if applicable, published on the UKAHPP Register and website.
  • Declare any unspent practice complaints and criminal convictions prejudicial to their fitness to practice.
  • Declare that their health and character (physical and mental) is of sufficiently good standing to enable them to practice safely and effectively.
  • Abide by the UKAHPP Code of Practice and Ethical Principles and for their practice to be accountable under the UKAHPP Complaints Procedure

C. How to Apply

A single Registration Application Form applies to the three options outlined above. Applications are to be submitted on the latest version of Application Form (see link below) in 12 point black ‘Arial’ font and returned with supporting documents as ‘PDF’ email attachments, to [email protected]. Handwritten applications, e-photos and links to e-document are not acceptable and will be returned to the applicant.




D. Check List

Please ensure you complete all sections of the application form (most recent version) including:

  • Evidence of successful completion of practice based training: qualification including QAA equivalence, certificates etc – as PDF attachments
  • Personal statement about your Humanistic practice
  • Evidence of Professional Indemnity Insurance. A policy copy is required for applicants in private practice – as a PDF attachment
  • Complaints and conviction details (if applicable)
  • Supervisor’s Report: Signed by supervisor and supervisee – as a PDF attachment
  • Certificates of statutory/voluntary professional Accreditation and Registration
  • Signed Declaration
  • Non-refundable fee of £150 – Payable to ‘UKAHPP’.

E. Unsuccessful Applications

In the event of an unsuccessful application, a written request can be made to the UKAHPP Membership Secretary for the decision to be reviewed by the Membership Committee. Evidence is to be provided as to how identified omissions to the published criteria have been complied with. The UKAHPP Membership Committee’s decision will be final.

Only one application can be submitted within any 12 month period.

F. Data Protection

The UKAHPP will hold information provided by applicants in accordance with Data Protection requirements and will delete information relating to unsuccessful applications from its records 18 months following submission.

G. Additional Information

Applications are open to School or Student Counsellor working with a recognised child/family agency or education authority. Applicants must meet the published criteria and evidence that their employer provides training, management and supervision separate from line management. The UKAHPP does not provide facility for the registration of child counsellors and psychotherapists.

Previous registrants are eligible to re-apply for UKAHPP registration in accordance with current requirements.

The name of all UKAHHP Registrants will be published on the Register without exception. Registrant’s have the option of having their name and practice included on the UKAHPP ‘find a therapist’ web site facility.

The UKAHPP will hold information provided by applicants in accordance with Data Protection requirements and will delete information relating to unsuccessful applications from its records 18 months following submission.

H. Public Protection

To enhance public protection and the promotion of confidence in the register, the UKAHPP will share and seek information about the professional standing of applicants and registrants, from other register holders and professional organisations.

I. Restoration of Registration

If a person’s UKAHPP Registration has been terminated under the UKAHPP Complaints Procedure they may submit an application to re-register not less than three years after the date of their termination. The former Registrant is required to submit:

  • A statement demonstrating learning about the issues resulting in their termination.
  • A report from a Registered Supervisor with UKAHPP Psychotherapist or Psychotherapeutic Counsellor Accreditation in support of their re-registration

The application will be assessed by a special committee prior to normal verification. The committee will include:

  • UKAHPP Membership Secretary – or their deputy
  • UKAHPP Ethics Committee Chair or their deputy
  • UKAHPP Registrar – or their deputy
  • Two UKAHPP Registered Members
  • Additional Members with special knowledge may be co-opted as necessary

In addition to standard requirements, the committee may apply special conditions on the ex-registrant’s practice, if re-accreditation is approved.

Only one application can be submitted within any 12 month period.


UKAHPP Administrator (The Membership Secretary)


27 Old Gloucester Street



December 2019