Streamlined Route for Accreditation Transfer from UKCP Member Organisations


The UKAHPP welcomes applications from Psychotherapists or Psychotherapeutic Counsellors wishing to transfer their accreditation from other PSA Accredited Registers, including the transfer of UKCP registration sponsorship from another UKCP Member Organisation.

This streamlined route allows applicants to avoid repetition of a lengthy application process, which they have already completed successfully with another organisation. UKAHPP Accreditation lasts for five years, after which it may be renewed.

Applications are to be submitted on the latest version of the Transfer Application Form, available on the UKAHPP website, in black ’Arial’ font and returned with supporting documents as a ‘PDF’ email attachment. Alternatively, applications can be submitted by post at the address below. Hand written applications are acceptable with prior arrangement with the UKAHPP Administrator.

The UKAHPP will hold information provided by applicants in accordance with Data Protection requirements. Information relating to an unsuccessful application will be deleted from UKAHPP physical and electronic records 18 months following submission.


The criteria for transfer under this streamlined route requires applicants to provide:

⦁ Proof of Current MO’s accreditation (with dates of first accreditation and renewals of accreditation, and date next renewal of accreditation is due)
⦁ Proof of Current or recently preceding UKCP registration
⦁ Proof of Current professional liability insurance
⦁ Details of any complaints & other memberships
⦁ Agreement to abide by UKAHPP ethical codes & procedures (see website)
⦁ A supervisor’s report & recommendation
⦁ For transfers from non-HIPC and PCIPC organisations, a case study of 3,000 to 5,000 words demonstrating the practitioner’s humanistic orientation; this may be an existing case study, but should follow the UKAHPP case study guidelines.
⦁ A 2,500-word account of their reasons for changing from the other UKCP MO, why they consider UKAHPP to be a more suitable professional “home”, and in what ways they consider their practice to be humanistic.
⦁ A record of CPD over the previous 5 years.

Nine copies of this application material is required, collated into nine complete sets, with the application fee of £100. On receipt of such an application, the UKAHPP admin office will check with the practitioner’s current/previous accrediting organisation(s) that they are “in good standing”, as required by UKCP.

If the above are assessed by the Accreditation Committee as satisfactory, the applicant will be invited to attend an interview of approximately 45 minutes, with two representatives of the Accreditation Committee.

UKAHPP will sponsor UKCP Registration provided that the applicant undertakes to maintain ongoing UKAHPP membership & accreditation, and seek 5-yearly renewal of accreditation via UKAHPP. Applicants give this undertaking by making an application for UKAHPP accreditation.

Link to transfer route application form and supervisor report