UKAHPP was formed in 1980 as a national accreditation organisation for all practitioners who use Humanistic Psychology in their work.  Originally called The Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners  – and still often referred to as “AHPP” – the Association became a limited company in 2000, as the United Kingdom Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners Ltd.

Distinctive characteristics of UKAHPP are:

  • The Association is run by its members, for its members and in the interest of enhancing public confidence in its Register of Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors – Members serve on the Board of Directors,  various committees and in other ways, on a voluntary/unpaid basis
  • Ethical codes and the rules by which the Association conducts itself are approved by the Board after consultation with the membership – thus the membership is self-governing
  • Application procedures and ethical procedures (including complaints) are dealt with in a consultative, peer-based way
  • Mediation and dialogue are prioritised in all matters of complaint, grievance, etc.

UKAHPP is an independent member organisation of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).UKAHPP is a professional membership and accreditation organisation for counsellors, therapists and humanistic practitioners in related fields.  We are truly an Association – run by and for our members –  providing practical support and ethical codes which all members subscribe to.  There are a range of different membership classes, with accreditation as one option.  We accredit individuals who have trained elsewhere.

Membership benefits:

  • Advertise your practice, workshops & publications, at no extra cost
  • Humanistic ethical codes & support, prioritising mediation & dialogue
  • Personal support & advice when applying for accreditation
UKAHPP Register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and Psychotherapists October 2021

The UKAHPP holds a register of counsellors and psychotherapists who meet the requirements for fitness to practice described in our Codes of Conduct. See the page on Registration for details of the Register and see the UKAHPP Register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and Psychotherapists to find out who is Registered with the UKAHPP.

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