UKAHPP started in 1980 as a national accreditation organisation for all practitioners who use Humanistic Psychology in their work.  Originally called The Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners  – and still often referred to as “AHPP” – the Association became a limited company in 2000, as the United Kingdom Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners Ltd.

Distinctive characteristics of UKAHPP are:-

  • the Association is run by its members, for its members – members serve on the Board of Directors,  various committees and in other ways, on a voluntary/unpaid basis
  • ethical codes and the rules by which the Association conducts itself are approved by the Board after consultation with the membership – thus the membership is self-governing
  • application procedures and ethical procedures (including complaints) are dealt with in a consultative, peer-based way
  • mediation and dialogue are prioritised in all matters of complaint, grievance, etc.

UKAHPP is an independent member organisation of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

UK Council for Psychotherapy