Statement of Purpose

UKAHPP works to advance the diversity of practices and theories of humanistic psychology and so support individuals to grow and realise their own unique potential.

It is the professional association for all those who apply the theories of humanistic psychology in their work.

It aims to increase understanding of and access to humanistic psychology in all walks of life and keep people informed through supporting practitioners and wider groups to develop and maintain high standards of ethics and practice.

The UKAHPP is committed to enhancing public protection through its function as a UK accrediting organisation of Humanistic practitioners.

The main objectives of the Association are:-

  • To maintain a specialist professional organization of good standing, with ethical codes and other membership conditions, for the overall benefit of members in private practice and other forms of employment as humanistic practitioners
  • To ensure a consistent and professional standard of practitioners
  • The inclusive and mutual support of its members and the advancement of their learning and development
  • The critical support of current and future practices and developments in the application of humanistic psychology
  • To represent the interests of humanistic psychology and relevant members / practitioners in the UK
  • To promote and advance public awareness about humanistic theories and practices

The key activities of the Association are:-

  • independent accreditation of humanistic psychology practitioners
  • maintenance and publication of a register of humanistic practitioners
  • continual development and maintenance of rigorous humanistic accreditation criteria and procedures
  • development, maintenance and application of ethical standards and codes of practice which are protective of both client and practitioner
  • mutual support activities such as regional groups, buddy schemes, discussion area on website, ethical guidance organization of workshops, conferences and seminars
  • promotion of member activities through publication on the website and mailings
  • publication of newsletters, articles and books
  • provision of information to members about developments in humanistic psychology and matters relevant to their interests and practice
  • provision of information to the general public and to official bodies
  • liaison with allied health professional bodies on policy and initiatives relating to the future of humanistic psychology