UKAHPP Register of Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors

The UKAHPP was founded in 1980 as an accrediting organisation with the purpose of holding a national register of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners..

In line with development in the field of counselling and psychotherapy and the UKAHPP’s commitment to enhance public protection, the register was re-launched in 2017 as the UKAHPP Register of Humanistic Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors.

The register is open to practitioners who are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards in the interest of enhancing public protection through:

  1. Adherence to the UKAHPP Code of Practice and Ethical Principles – as published on UKAHPP website
  2. Being accountable for their professional conduct through the UKAHPP Complaints Procedure – as published on UKAHPP website
  3. The publication in the public domain of the UKAHPP website of any upheld complaints and unspent sanctions and for their professional standing to be reflected in the public section of the UKAHPP Register of Humanistic Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors
  4. The demonstration of competence through the successful completion of practice based training consistent with UKAHPP’s standards and requirements
  5. Commitment to on-going professional development and annual renewal of registration.

The register holds members with different levels of training and experience, from the newly qualified to highly experienced specialist practitioners. The register also includes a section for trainees who are working toward registration.

The UKAHPP has four main categories of membership which are open to professionals working in the public sector (NHS and other statutory services); voluntary services; and private practice.

  • Higher Accredited Registered Member – The highest level of practice recognition UKAHPP members can aspire to. Training and practice is of a high standard. For Psychotherapists it is equivalent to level 7 (Masters Degree and above) of the Quality Assurance Agency: Framework for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree Awarding Bodies (QAA) and level 6 (Bachelor’s Degree) for Psychotherapeutic Counsellors. Higher Accredited Registered Members: undergo a re-accreditation appraisal every 5 years; are committed to lifelong Continual Professional Development (CPD); and complete an Annual Renewal of Practice Declaration, affirming minimum practice requirements such as supervision, insurance and CPD
  • Accredited Registered Member – Accreditation status is awarded to members who meet the minimum criteria for Ordinary Registered Membership and have successfully completed additional professional requirements, including a minimum of two years post training supervised practice. Accredited Registered Members are committed to lifelong CPD and also complete an Annual Renewal of Practice Declaration
  • Ordinary Registered Member – This is category of membership is for practitioners with a practice based training equivalent to level 5 (Diploma of Higher Education) of the QAA framework. Ordinary Registered Members are committed to lifelong CPD complete an Annual Renewal of Practice Declaration
  • Entry Level Registered Member – Entry Level Registered Membership is granted to applicants with minimum practised based training at Level 4 QAA and who have accumulated 100 hours of supervised practice.  Holders of this category of registration are encouraged to attain Ordinary Registered Membership or Accredited Registered Membership within two years of joining the Register.
    Members holding Entry Level Registration are not endorsed to work in private practice and will not be included in the UKAHPP “Find a Therapist” facility.  Registered Entry Level members are committed to lifelong CPD and completing an Annual Renewal of Practice Declaration.
  •  Associate Member – This class of membership is for members of the public and professionals who have an interest in Humanistic Psychology. Although Associate Members may be in practice and working toward registration, their practice is not endorsed by UKAHPP and their name will not be included on the UKAHPP Register or ‘find a therapist’ website facility. The practice of Associate Members is not covered by the UKAHPP Complaints Procedure

To avoid confusion and misrepresentation, under auspices of UKAHPP, except for Higher Accredited Registered Members, registrants may not use therapy descriptors including ‘psychotherapist’ and ‘psychotherapeutic counsellor’ as a status endorsement after their name alongside qualifications on letter heads etc.

Registrants may use the terms ‘psychotherapist’ or ‘psychotherapeutic counsellor’ and therapy approach descriptors, in accordance with their training and qualifications, in marketing literature, information leaflets and on the website, when outlining in detail the services they provide to the public.

To allow a member of the public to make informed decisions when choosing a therapist, the name and professional status of all members whose practice has been endorsed by the UKAHPP are included on the Register – this is supplemented by the association’s ‘find a therapist’ website facility.

The UKAHPP Register can be accessed by clicking on the link below:
UKAHPP Register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and Psychotherapists October 2021
Please note: The name and professional status of all UKAHPP Accredited and Registered Members (Registrants) will be included on the Register without exception.

A Registrant’s personal details are not included on the Register. However additional information about a Registrant’s practice can be accessed via the website ‘Find a Therapist’ facility. As this facility is optional not all Registrants will have an entry.

If anyone has any uncertainty about a Registrant’s current registration status they are advised to seek clarification from the UKAHPP Registrar at [email protected]. The Registrar will not disclose a Registrant’s personal details.


December 2019